Uber Taxi Drivers

Since I injured my foot a week back with fall down the stairs, I have been forced to travel by the taxi app service – Uber to my work. And it has been an experience I must say. I have realized that there are different types/species of cab drivers:

The talkative ones: 

These are the ones who will pester you with queries about your personal life, work, salary structure, political inclinations or ramble on about their own personal lives, or opinions about life etc. No matter how many monosyllabic responses you give, they will never ever take the hint. They will take it as their personal responsibility to entertain you with chatter.

The complaining ones: 

These are the ones who will start recalling all the bad customers they ever had to face. How they were forced into fights, how they were swindled out of money, how they had to drive additional kilometers without any compensation, how because of competition, they are making lesser and lesser money etc. Endless cribbing and complaining, and you can’t do anything but show sympathy and nod your head; after all, you need a 5-star as a customer as well.

The on-phone ones: 

These are the ones constantly on phone talking to someone or other and flouting all traffic rules. They are always making deals about cars and cash with god knows who. You will always be afraid that the cab will be pulled over by some super-vigilant traffic police, and get you late for office/home.

The fast-n-furious ones: 

These are the ones who will make you feel that a 10 km ride to office is a roller coaster high. You are afraid, but also super-impressed with his control skills. He is also a boon when you are way late to your office.

I can’t wait for my clutch foot and toes be pain-free and start driving my own car.


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