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Things to eat when on a diet

The biggest problem that I have faced while trying to reduce weight is the diet part. Most of the time, the diet menu available on the internet is either full of carbs like Roti and Poha or so western that it becomes impossible to prepare. Also, most people think that being on diet means eating flavorless boiled stuff and salads. So I have tried to compile a list of items that have helped me in reducing weight without compromising on time or taste. Most of the items on the list are my own recipes.


1. Peri peri chicken:
    * Toss chicken breast cubes with turmeric, salt, and Peri-peri sauce from Nando’s
    * Grease a pan with olive oil and put it on low steam
    * Put the chicken cubes into the pan and cook on low steam with the lid on for 30 mins.
    * Turn off the heat and sprinkle with black pepper.
This recipe can be tried with any sauce.


2. Soybean curry:
    * Boil soybean in a microwave for 10 mins.
    * Make a paste of Onions, tomato, ginger, garlic and chilies in a grinder.
    * Put a spoon of oil in a pressure cooker and add the above items.
    * Add jeera powder, turmeric powder, a pinch of garam masala and salt.
    * Pressure cook for 30 mins on low steam


3. Palak daal (Spinach lentil):
    * Cut palak leaves into small pieces
    * Boil water in a pressure cooker and add a little turmeric and salt
    * Put palak and Arhar daal into the pressure cooker after the water has boiled
    * Pressure cook for 20 mins on low steam.
No oil is required to make this dish.


4. Veggie daal:
    * Use vegetables like pumpkin, onion, carrot, okra, tomatoes, cauliflower, raw banana etc
    * Cut all vegetables into medium cubes
    * Boil water in a pressure cooker and add a little turmeric and salt
    * Put the vegetables and Arhar daal into the pressure cooker after the water has boiled
    * Cook for 30 mins on low steam
    * Add a little jeera powder after opening the lid, and cook with open lid for another 3-4 mins
No oil is required to make this dish.


5. Grilled vegetables:
    * Cut carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, mushrooms, baby corn, bell peppers, and onions into thin easily cookable pieces
    * Grease a pan with half a spoon of olive oil and saute all the vegetables
    * Cover with lid and let it cook for 15-20 mins on low steam
    * Sprinkle with salt, black pepper, soya sauce and apple cider vinegar/lemon juice and toss the veggies for 2-3 mins, turn off the heat.


6. Prawns:
    * Lightly toss prawns with turmeric, salt, and black pepper
    * Grease a pan with one spoon of olive oil and put the prawns in
    * Saute the prawns for about 3-4 mins in medium heat
    * Turn off the heat when the Prawns start to curl
    * Sprinkle any herbs/seasoning over it
Try to save dominoes/pizza-hut seasoning when others order food, but DO NOT eat the pizza)


7. Egg white veggie Bhurji:
    * Grease a pan with half a spoon of olive oil
    * Saute one bowl of ‘Safal frozen mix veggies’ in it and cover it with lid for 5 mins on low steam
    * Once done, add 5-7 egg whites, salt, and black pepper.  Mix and make a bhurji.
You can also add fresh vegetables instead of frozen ones, you just have to cook it for 15-20 mins.


8. Black chickpea or Kala Chana
    * Soak black chickpea for 5-6 hours in salt water.
    * Put it in a pressure cooker and cook on low flame for 40 mins
    * Once done, drain all the water
    * Add shredded raw onion, chilies, and coriander leaves, squeeze a lemon and add black salt


9. Sattu (toasted gram flour) snack
    *  Cut onions, chilies, and tomatoes into very small fine pieces
    *  Mix Sattu and the above items in a bowl
    * Squeeze a lemon into the bowl and add black salt as per taste
Please note that Sattu can be made of many different grains, so ask specifically for gram flour.


10. Tuna
    * Open a can of tinned Tuna-in-brine
    * Finely chop tomatoes, chilies, and garlic
    * Cut onions into thin long pieces
    * Grease a pan with one spoon of olive oil, add the above vegetables and saute them in medium flame
    * Add turmeric and salt
    * Add the tuna, saute for 7-10 mins on medium flame and then turn off the heat


11. Milkshakes
    * Peel and cut an apple into pieces
    * In a mixer-grinder jar, add milk and the apple pieces
    * Run the mixer-grinder for 1 min
    * Do not add sugar, the sweetness of the fruit is enough to flavor the milk
This milkshake can be prepared with strawberry, watermelon or guava as well


The other ready-to-eat healthy foods are buttermilk (Chhas), fruit juices without sugar, finely chopped salad vegetables with curd, cut fruits with curd, almonds, toned milk etc. These items can keep you full without adding a lot of calories.


Happy dieting!



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