Summer heat

Delhi is a fine place to stay. It is the capital of India and a metropolitan in its truest sense. Everything about it is great – Roads, Malls, People, connectivity to other cities, Trees etc. The only downside to Delhi is the extreme heat in the months of April to August. The city becomes inhabitable then, with temperatures soaring up to almost 50 Degrees.

I dislike hot weather like anything, heat, and sweat being my bane. It is the only topic of the crib for me in these months. Yesterday I was watching a video by a Guru on how we should remove negativity in our thoughts and focus on the positive. So I decided to look for the good things that this extreme temperature brings:

Better Skin:

No matter how much you hate it, sweat actually increases your skin quality. Your skin looks fairer, clean and glows. Gone are the dead skin cells of the winter days.

Fun coolers and mock-tails:

You can have a variety of coolers and mock-tails. Cold coffee and lemon Ice tea are the drinks of the day. The soothing feeling in your throat and tummy while drinking a really chilled drink on a hot day is an out-of- the-world feeling.

Seasonal Fruits:

What more can you ask for when the king of fruits, Mango is available? You also have a host of other fruits to choose from like watermelon, plums, and litchi. Cool them in the fridge for a refreshing snack.

No Traffic Police:

No normal human being can walk around on the melting asphalt roads in the day in Delhi. So you can’t see any traffic policemen around in the day and you are free to jump red lights. But don’t kill yourself, or worse, others!

Less Appetite:

You lose your appetite in too much heat, and your potential to absorb water increases exponentially – which is a boon for people like me perpetually on a diet and never actually losing any weight.

With so many good things to look forward to in summer, I am going to just be happy and bask in the heat 🙂

OM Shanti!!


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