Planning a Team Outing

Planning for team outing can be the most harassing thing I ever had to do, especially if you are the event organizer. Many many things can go wrong and if you are successful in finally getting a consensus and a plan finalized, God bless you. Here is a list of things I had to endure and a few solutions to it:
Finalizing a Spot:
This is the worst. Never ever ask people where they want to go. You will receive 3-4 options for each person and will end up having a list of 30 places to go to. If you think one place is good, someone will come and tell you why that’s the worst place to go to. It will be a never ending cycle. Take charge and finalize spot and just tell everyone that’s where they will go.
Finalizing a Date:
You will never be able to get the whole team to go. Someone or the other will always have a reason not to go or will ask you to change dates to accommodate them. Be firm and confirm a date where maximum people can go and stick to it. The earlier the plan is made, the better.
Budget Restraints:
No travel agent will give you everything that you need in exactly your budget. Especially when the budget is a concern and the upper limit is fixed. Try to note down the things or activities that are must haves and have them send a plan and quotes to you. Be firm on the non-negotiables.
Planning Activities:
Load yourself with a list of activities and the required props for them. Everyone will be quick to blame you if they are getting bored. If it is a two-day plan, have at least 10 activities planned other than the usual barbecue and DJ night. You will have various types of audiences in your team, some with high energy and interested to get involved in activities and some low energy ones who do not want to do anything other than sit and talk and drink. You should be ready for both these types.
No matter how well you plan it, it will turn out less successful than you played out in your head. So be ready to accept it and don’t forget to have fun because it is your outing too!
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