Living alone!

I love living alone and very rarely do I feel that someone should stay with me. However, sometimes when I am sick, I do fear lonely death. Not on the road, but alone in the flat, with no one actually getting to know about it for days. I have always been told that this is impossible and I am just being paranoid.

My worst fear just happened to someone else!
A couple of days earlier, I read in the newspapers that the skeleton of an old lady was found in her flat. She probably died months ago and no one even got to know. She was a widow and was abandoned by her only son who lived in the US and had stopped talking to her for almost a year. She lived alone on the top floor and no one used to visit her. It cannot get more depressing than this!
A few takeaways from this story are:
First. If you stay alone, build friendships with a few people from work or neighborhood. Invite a few people over to your home quarterly or more frequently. It might not suit your interests, but it is an investment which may give good returns.
Second. Do not hesitate to ask for help or call people when you are sick, even if those people are mere acquaintances. It is more important to save yourselves than to think about obligations
Third. Keep the HR emergency contact number on your phone. Your company will be able to initiate help much sooner than individuals can, with the resources they have.
Fourth. Do not leave old parents alone in flats/apartments. The best way is to keep them with you. If you can’t keep them in your house, keep them in a separate house close by. If that is also not feasible, then rehabilitate them in your parental village/town with a help/maid or put them up in an old-age home. They need company and constant supervision at that age.
We live like we will never die, but we all will. So a little thought and planning in that area are never a bad investment.

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