Colleagues in an Organisation

I have just joined a new organization a few weeks back. And I had to meet new people and colleagues and analyze them for setting friendship limits. These are the few types I could segregate them into:

The overtly helpful ones: 

These people will go to any extent to help you out. Even before you can think of something you need, they will almost read your mind and get you the things you want. They are the office genies. Thank God for them. And I think they are especially available to women.

The aloof ones: 

These people will not even acknowledge your existence. No matter how many times you come around to their cubicles to talk to the other people, they will ignore you and the conversation and stare at their monitors as if the company runs on their concentration.

They on-off ones: 

These are the people who will be very friendly one day and fail to recognize you on the next day. You have to mentally calculate with log table and calculus to arrive at a formula to derive the frequency of their friendliness and ‘strangerness’ before planning on approaching them to talk. This tendency is seen more in women, may be due to hormonal cycles.

The selfish ones: 

These are the ones who will be very friendly and gossipy when they need something from you. The sooner that work is done, the sooner you will cease to exist for them. Even if you see them and try to talk to them, they will just nod at you and disappear.

The bitchy ones: 

These are the types always disappointed with their bosses, colleagues and the company. Every time you are on tea or lunch breaks with them, they will only crib about how this company is the worst in the whole wide world, and how the HR and management have cheated them. Or how their bosses only target them in spite of their stellar work, or how a colleague is hogging all limelight for something they have done, etc. etc. The only vibe you get from them is negative and too much of their company can turn you too.

The good ones: 

These are the rare types who will be available to you for any professional discussion in their capacity. They will discuss issues and help you find solutions but will not indulge in office and personal gossip with you. They are the best types to have around. They are the dependable ones, they will support you to grow professionally.


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