About Me

Hello, I am OneLonelyGypsy, and this is my Journal.

lonely girl

I love to travel. I love to learn. And… I love to write.

My thirty ­odd years on this planet have been eventful in a way that I could have never imagined in the tiny little town in the farthest corner of the country where I was born

– I have a career that I never wanted, but now proudly flaunt

– I have visited places in this world which I only read about and never imagined to tread

– I have faced sickness and happiness alone which made strong and taught me self­-belief and self­-independence are the keys to contentment

– I have realized that potential for self­growth only grows with time and experience

Now I am content and yet not; seeking to fill life with adventures and memories and yet happy to be in a tiny room with a book; love nature yet scared of animals; Fun loving and extrovert yet introvert and quiet; Positive most of the time; want to be a singer, dancer, writer and traveler and still making up my mind; discovering the essence of life in tiny footsteps, one at a time; reveling in each blissful moment that life on this planet has to offer.

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